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My name is Sierra.. I love cars. I hate Honda. I love Nissan. I drive a Nissan 240sx. Anything else feel free to ask. :]

Anonymous said: do you use a racing wheel or whaaa?

I was just about to start on the interior of my car… so my steering wheel is currently stock.

Anonymous said: i was wondering how you hold the steering wheel?

With my right hand on top.. the majority of the time.. so technically like a douche bag. lol

Anonymous said: halo


Anonymous said: do you know how to drift?

I know how.. doesn’t mean I am that good at it! lol if it’s raining I am pro:]

Anonymous said: your 240sx is identical to mine only difference is i have splash gaurds nd red lug nuts..what size tire u runnin??

Sweet! 215 45 17

just-dapper said: Thank you for following me..

Sure thing!

flipanomics said: if u goo loook on my page and click me and u will see a pic of my 240 idk the width of the tires.

You don’t know the width of your tires?

wilsonjoves-deactivated20130325 said: damn i love your 240 it's a beauty. are you trying to make anymore changes to it?

Thank you! and yeah.. I am going to Tent the windows soon.. make it type x … so new tails soon:]

sophisticated-details said: follow me back ? : ) you are so beautiful btw

Will do! & Thank you!

flipanomics said: 1991 coupe ka-t got coilovers 5lug swap 300zx brakes. um strut bars front and back um got 18" wheels that i hate! lol! im going to ls my 240 tho.

Sweet! and why do you hate it? lol what tire size? does it scrub liek crazy?

flipanomics said: Its alright everyone gets busy nice 240 i have coupe myself.

Lmao! Thank you, what year? & what is all done to it?

flipanomics said: follow me back?

Will do! Sorry to everyone who I have not followed back!!! I have been so busy lately

just-dapper said: Hate Honda's.. Does that mean the S2k too? Also, your 240 is sick..

Thank you! Hate is a strong word.. which seems to be getting misinterpreted.. but sorry I don’t really care for them and that includes the S2K.. I am not a fan lol

Anonymous said: Its not the only thing you will find in a honda. Take the NSX, S2000, or ITR for example. They are all performance machines, beautifully engineered, and certainly a blast to drive. Just writing off an entire manufacturer, saying you "hate" them is simply ignorant. I used to say I hated Honda as well. Then I got over myself and went out and drove some of their cars. I wouldn't call myself a Honda guy but I am a big fan of performance, no matter who's badge is on the back.

Omgsh… why do you care so much? and why are you remaining anonymous? and fyi… I have driven many Honda’s.. Hell I drove one the other day. performance…. there is so much more out there that performs better…. and while we are on that subject I do not like Fwd cars….. I could make this stupid ass arguement all day and for you to sit there and call me ignorant…. especially anonymously, but just because I have an opinion…. ultimately makes you ignorant. If you like Honda good for you…. but I am not the ignorant ass that’s attacking you for it! I could tell you why but you might hate on me and send me a ton of messages for that too. Honestly, no offense to anyone but I could care less about your complaints on my opinion. I am not a politician it’s not up for debate.